What is DBT…& More

What is DBT?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a method of treatment for women whose emotions cause major challenges in their lives. DBT focuses on four main components that are clinically proven to improve emotional health:

  • Mindfulness
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

In DBT, you will discover healthy ways to handle stress, and how to temporarily distract yourself from those settings and situations that trigger it. Using skills learned in our supportive and caring one-on-one therapy, and enhanced through group sessions, you’ll learn how to prevent emotional overload and be able to more effectively handle conflicts with others.

What is Mindfulness?

Simply stated, mindfulness is awareness. Of the four components of DBT, this one is becoming the most popular.

It is sometimes called “mindfulness meditation.” By being tuned in to and embracing the small details of day-to-day life – by being “in the moment” – you can learn to become more relaxed, improve your concentration, and let go of life’s greater stresses. It will also help free you of painful experiences from the past, concerns about the future, and teach you to become less judgmental about yourself and others.

Other Tools...

Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness – the other elements of DBT – are skills, tools and exercises learned in individual and group sessions. Each provides effective means of de-stressing, controlling emotions, and improving interpersonal relations.

Your sound mental and emotional health are within your reach with DBT.

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